Coggs Winter Flex League

Posted by Scott Radford on 09.28.20

Hello Everyone!

We are as excited to officially announce the Winter Series Flex Start Coggs League! We will be starting Monday October 26, 2020. This will be an all week flex start. You will have between Monday morning to Sunday afternoon to get your league round in. Round must be paid for before you play. We will again be using Udisc for live scoring. All you have to do is to stop at Disc Golf 978 to pay for your tag/round. We will build your card for you in Udisc of 3 to 5 players. We will have a Facebook page so you can find other players looking to play at certain times.

We have expanded the categories to help all skill levels. As you get better you will be moved up to keep the categories fair.

MPO (A Pool) – Average under 56

MA2 (B Pool) – Average 56 to 64

MA3 (C Pool) – Average 65 and higher

To encourage more female players, we will try to have a category for beginners.

FPO/FA1 Women’s (A/B Pool)

FA3 – Women’s (C Pool)

MJ15 Juniors 15 years old and younger

To be fair with league payouts, if only one person is in the category (pool) you will get your weekly fee back minus ace pot pool. For example, if one MA3 player plays the week they will get $4.00 back. ($5.00 minus $1.00 for the ace pot)


-You must have a card of at least 3 league members to be able to go out.

-We have created a Facebook page for this league, and it can be used to help form a card. 5 players max per Covid-19

-We will accept cash, credit card or PayPal at Disc golf 978.

-Tags are $20 and will be available at Disc Golf 978

-League is $5 for Tag Holders and $7 for non-tag holders each week for your round. The only round that counts is the one you come in to pay for before you play your round.

Money Distribution:

$3 Weekly Payouts

$1 Course ($3 from non-tag holder entry)

$1 Ace Pot