Lone Star Discs

From Lone Star Discs website.

Located deep in the heart of Texas, we started out as a family-owned company in the oilfield manufacturing business. During a downturn in the economy my disc golf playing sons came to me with an idea to make discs. We already used high performance material for our work in the oilfield, so we started with that got together with our engineers and started making discs. At the same time COVID-19 hit and the disc golf market exploded. We make our own molds in house which give us the ability to produce new models quickly.

We are determined to help the sport grow in any way we can. We are thankful to all of our fan support.

Lone Star Plastics

Alpha: Durable, smooth, and tough.

Bravo: Shares the same qualities as Alpha but is more flexible

Lima: Lightweight and biodegradable.

Glow: Similar feel to Bravo but it shines brightly when charged using a UV Blacklight

V1 is a soft, gummy, malleable plastic that is excellent at grabbing chains.

V2 has all of the great qualities of V1 but is a much stiffer plastic.