​Chains Eye Candy

​Chains Eye Candy

Posted by Adam Abruzzi on 02.19.21

Shane Piroso is the artist and owner of Chains Eye Candy Disc Dyes. If you haven’t had the chance to see some of Shane’s amazing artwork, make sure to head right over to Chains Eye Candy and then come back hear to read about him and what inspires him to do such incredible work!

Shane has been dyeing discs and doing other artistic creations since 2015 that is just a year after Shane discovered disc golf with some friends in California. Ever since he had the chance to throw his first ever discs, the DX Aviar and Destroyer he was hooked! Now a days he is still throwing a good amount of Innova and is always on the lookout for more of his favorite disc the KC Pro Flat Top Roc.

Shane has used many variations of disc dyeing over the years, but his latest and greatest creations have been coming using lotion beds and big swirly color explosions. Shane has also been dabbling in the art of hand coloring some of the discs as well. Dyeing these discs doesn’t take much in the way of equipment. Shane says all you need is a vinyl cutter, some brain power (and maybe a solid I.P.A. to get the creative juices flowing). At the moment the greatest demands coming from his customer base are for custom designs to get their discs looking great for the spring. The best part of all this for Shane is just getting to see his discs getting thrown out on the course.

So make sure to check out his stuff here at Disc golf 978 both in-store and on our website. Also be on the lookout for any events Shane is playing or planning to Vend during this 2021 season. He loves to play at Top of The Hill and if you ever see him there just know he will have some of these goodies for sale!