Area Lost and Found Discs


Disc Golf 978 has taken on the lost and found for many local courses in the area. Some courses did not have a good drop off area or could not have set hours for someone to pick up their lost disc.

We send a text to everyone when we get a disc in and we add them to Google Sheets.


Even though we do have the entire phone number we hide everything except for the last 4 numbers to protect your privacy!

We post the Google Sheets on the courses Facebook page as well.

The store is open Monday through Friday 10am to 8pm and Saturday/Sunday from 10am to 5pm. 

As many of you know, lost discs travel a lot. So even though you lost a disc at a certain course, there is a good chance it will turn up at another course. To make it easier we are also putting all the links to the Google sheets here so you dont have to visit every Facebook page.

Coggshall Lost and Found

Devens Lost and Found

Flatrock Lost and Found

Barre Lost and Found

Tully Lost and Found

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Do you have a disc in one of the courses that we do the lost and found for but do not live in the area?


As we all know, sometimes lost discs travel. Sometimes across the country. We have had several times when we text someone that their disc was found at XYZ course and they say they are from Colorado or some other far away state. They tell us that they have never even been to the Northeast!


Well what are your options?????????


We have several options for you.


  1. We donate all unclaimed discs to local schools, community programs or some kind of charity. So, you can always have us put it in the donate bin. We do not sell lost and found discs as we all know, bad karma comes from that and I now I do not need any more then what I have.

  2. Pay us $4.83 and we will ship it to you. We can do PayPal and credit card. 
    PayPal is

  3. Check out and if you purchase sometime, we can ship the disc with your order. Of course, we do free shipping on all orders over $25 and a flat fee of $4.83 for anything under $25.00.

  4. Travel up here, play a round with us and pick up your disc. At least you could bang out a couple of courses that maybe you would not have played. We do have Maple Hill Disc Golf Course only 40 minutes from us.