Tournament Support



Tournament Support program


As Tournament Directors ourselves, we understand some of the stress that comes along with it. Between the sign ups, additional  funding to help run a great tournament, player pack and amateur funds, it can get to be a lot.

Last year we helped out a lot Tournament Directors in our area and few outside of our area. They absolutely loved the ease of it and the extra funds they were able to use.

This year we are opening it to any Tournament Director in any state!

What are the benefits?

  • 25% discount on amateur payouts
  • 25% discount on player pack store credit voucher
  • Facebook post to promote your tournament
  • Amateur funds never expire so people can save up for bigger items


25% discount on the amateurs’ payouts. The TD can use the extra funds for additional cash for the pro purse, add to the Am payouts, tournament expenses, or whatever you would like to us them for.


For an example;

If your total Am payouts comes to $1000.00, you would send us the list of the payouts and $750.00 to cover them. We will then pass out the $1000.00 worth of payouts.


For the player pack store credit, this can take the place of or add to the player pack for the amateurs.


For an example, If you had 50 amateurs and wanted to give a $25.00 store credit to each player in their player packs, you would let us know the list of names and email addresses of the players that checked in and we would add the $25.00 to their account. Then you would send us 50 x $25.00 = $1250.00 minus your 25% so it would only cost you $937.50.


This makes it easier than designing and ordering discs and hoping they show up in time. Players tend to like this as they can choose their own stuff instead of getting discs or swag they did not want. This is all done electronically so there is no physical coupons to hand out and/or get lost.


Both amateur payouts and player pack credit would not need to be paid for until after the tournament. So no out of pocket money before the tournament starts.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at