​Is free shipping really free shipping?

Posted by Scott Radford on 08.19.21

I have been seeing a pattern happening not only in disc golf but in a lot of e-commerce sites. Companies will advertise that they have free shipping on all orders. As a consumer you need to look at the next most important thing! What is the price difference of the products? Remember companies are in business to lose money!

For instance, lets take a look at an apples-to-apples comparison.

Website A posts that they have free shipping on all orders. Sounds great because who doesn’t like free. You look at the disc you want to buy and it costs $13.99. You buy that one disc and it gets delivered for $13.99.

Website B post free shipping over $25.00 with a flat fee of $4.83 under $25.00 The price for the same exact disc is $7.99 plus the shipping of $4.83 and the total cost comes to $12.82 delivered. This is already cheaper and the customer paid shipping. 

Now lets say you buy 4 of the same discs.

Website A with free shipping and the disc cost $13.99 comes to a total of $55.96.

Website B with free shipping over $25.00 but again the same disc costs $7.99 comes to a total of $31.96.

That is a $24.00 savings on just 4 discs.

The main focus is, do not only look at the “free Shipping” bait. 

We keep our prices as low as we can plus keep the shipping free for just an order over $25.00. Look at the disc prices as well as the shipping price.