Disc Golf 978 Monthly Charity Auctions



On the Final Friday of each month, we hold a live charity auction here at Disc Golf 978 and stream it live on our Facebook page. We start at 6pm eastern and from there will put one item at time up on the auction block. Bidding will go on live in the comment section of the Facebook live. After 5 minutes the top bidder will win the item! (We have a no snipe policy, that means if a bid comes in at the last moment, we simply extend the bidding another 20 seconds until no more bids are made). There are 12 items that go up each month and the auction typically takes less than 1 hour. These items are often high-end collector items. In the past we have had signed discs from Simon Lizotte, Eric McCabe and other top players. We have some special guests already in the works for some future auctions and we are always working on the equipment and set up to make these as fun and smooth as possible.


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