The Golden Disc Program



Golden Disc!


The Disc Golf 978 Golden Disc Promotion is LIVE!


We have selected a disc in-store and online to be the Golden Disc for the month of August. If you select the Golden Disc, you will be notified at checkout in-store or by email online. By finding and purchasing the Golden Disc you will receive a Gift Card or Store Credit in the amount of that month’s prize! Every month starts at $50 per Golden Disc and goes up from there! Golden disc is just a disc on the shelves in our inventory and will only be known upon purchase so don’t go pulling out your hair looking for an actual Golden disc! That would be too easy!


Read all the rules below!



There will be 2 Golden Discs, one online and one in-store.

Employees and Team Disc Golf 978 are not eligible. If a team member or employee were to unknowingly purchase one of the month's Golden Discs, then a replacement disc would immediately be chosen.


If the Golden Disc is selected by an in-store customer making a Disc Swap Program purchase, then the prize will not be awarded. This is to prevent anyone from abusing the program to try and locate the disc. If the disc is inadvertently found during a disc swap, then a replacement disc would immediately be chosen.


Once the in-store disc is found you will be able to claim your prize and use it on any future purchase(s) with Disc Golf 978. We would love to take a picture of you with your prize and disc upon winning so we can post to our social media!


Once the online disc is found we will credit your online account with the prize, and you can use it on any future purchase(s) with Disc Golf 978. We will ask your permission before doing so but would love to post your name and lucky find to our social media!

That is all! Have fun and Happy Hunting!



$50 Per Golden Disc

If Golden Disc is not located in the month, then $25 will be added onto the prize and it will go into the next month! For example; if no one finds the Golden Disc in August, Then in September the disc will be worth $75. This will continue until the disc is located. If the disc is found within the first 7 days of the month, then a new disc will be selected for that month otherwise once the disc is located a new one will be selected on the 1st day of the next month!